Staff and facility managers are challenged with documenting resident conditions and response times and understanding the changing needs of individual residents. They need to be able to quickly generate reports for compliance requirements, family discussions and the development of care plans.

Facility managers and staff now have a solution that tracks and manages critical caregiver-to-resident interactions and events. VITALERTER monitors alerts and resident conditions in real-time, collects alert and response data, then creates metrics for measuring and analyzing performance outcomes.

Analytic Reports Included

Sleep time and quality per resident

Static time in bed and trends to prevent pressure ulcers

Vital signs over time per resident

Alerts, vitals and other signals preceding documented events

Health deterioration risk reports

Risk of falling assessment reports

Alert analysis and details by unit, resident groups and time

Caregiver response and productivity analysis


  • Open

    Open for all off-the-shelf analytical tools, providing flexibility, quick integration into workflows and a minimal learning curve.

  • Integrated

    The system is based on enterprise-ready IT components, with true client/server structure, SQL database and central management of user accounts (LDAP). For further reporting, VITALERTER integrates with existing databases via HL7, SQL and LDAP.

  • Simplicity

    The system presents all reports analysis with clean, simple and clear explanations and actionable information – no training required and no advanced configurations are needed to start getting the benefits of advanced analytics.

  • Power of the cloud

    The platform is offered in secure cloud service, so there is no need for expensive IT investments. The cloud enables unlimited computing resources, access from any device anytime and a flexible service model.