Continuous monitoring of vital signs is considered by many experts as the key enabler for predicting health deterioration and adverse events.
Respiratory rate, heart rate and heart functions are the most important predictors as they provide early warnings for a variety of conditions and enable tracking of stress and sleep quality.

Early response to warning signs is proven to significantly improve resident safety and save costs.

Preventive Analysis Technology

Predicting fall and evaluating the risk of falling

VITALERTER predicts bed exit and alerts staff 1 min before exit on average. This allows timely assistance at the bed side and helps preventing falls. The system is assessing the risk of falling using various signals to reduce false alarms. For example, the system indicates increased risk when a resident leaves the bed in the middle of the night during a deep sleep phase.

Preventing Pressure Ulcers

VITALERTER tracks movement in bed and provides reports of static time in bed for each resident. Using the daily reports, the staff can identify residents with growing risk, and can initiate turn protocols to prevent pressure ulcers before it becomes a problem.

Predicting Health Deterioration Events

Respiratory problems and irregular heart function usually occur 6-8 hours before a resident will experience acute deterioration events such as a cardiac arrest. The VITALETER server continuously monitors the most important vital signs, use expert models to identify signals of deterioration and alerts staff of possible predicted events.

Monitoring Sleep Quality and Time in Bed

Sleep quality and time in bed are important indicators for heath deterioration and the development of mental conditions such as depression. VITALERTER is tracking movement, breathing and heart functions during sleep and is using patented technology to accurately measure sleep quality, recovery and sleep phases. Daily sleep quality and time in bed reports provide staff with an actionable view into the physical and mental state of residents and help assess the risk of falling and developing various pathological conditions.


  • Security by design

    All data is stored encrypted in the most secure Microsoft data centers, designed to achieve five nines durability

  • Flexibility

    The modular nature of the system means new sensors, functions and algorithms can be added, reconfigured with ease, and adapt to your growing needs.

  • Simplicity

    The system presents all reports and alerts with clean, simple and clear explanations and actionable information – no training required and no advanced configurations are needed to start getting the benefits of advanced analytics.

  • Power of the cloud

    The platform is offered in secure cloud service, so there is no need for expensive IT investments. The cloud enables unlimited computing resources, access from any device anytime and a flexible service model.

Preventive Care Management System

  • The core analytics engine can be configured and managed using VITALERTER cloud-based preventive care management system.
  • The system provides management interfaces, mobile app, reports and integration with EHR.

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