The mobile bio-sensor is simply placed under the bed or wheel chair with no loss of comfort.
It continuously monitors heart-rate, respiration rate and body motion.

The system alerts when high risk residents attempt to leave the bed/chair to prevent falls. It helps staff follow turn protocols to prevent pressure ulcers. It provides warnings in situations of irregular breathing, heart rate incidents, epilepsy seizures and sleeping disorders.

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Proactive Care Benefits

Fall Prevention

The system identifies risk of falling signals and provides early warnings on bed exit to prevent falls before they happen

Pressure Ulcers Prevention

VITALERTER tracks bed-time and turn movements and provides real-time turn reminders and reports

Irregular Breathing Alerts

Continuously monitors respiration rate & alerts in situations of irregular breathing such as asthma

Heart Incident Alerts

Monitors heart-rate in real-time and alerts in situations of acute changes in heart rate such as in cardiac failures

Improve Sleep Quality

Tracks movement, breathing and heart-rate during sleep, alerts in situations of acute disorders and provides sleep quality reports

Epilepsy Seizures Prediction

Identifies Tachycardia, Bradycardia, low HRV and fast movement that are common in the development of Epilepsy seizures

  • Seamless & Low Maintenance

    Positioned under the bed/chair with no loss of comfort.
    Powered by mains or long living batteries.

  • Mobile

    The device can be easily re-positioned thanks to: long-living battery, wireless charging, wireless connection and auto calibration.

  • Durable

    Waterproof electronic device with no physical wear. Firm attachement to the bed, comparing to existing pressure mats that last 6-8 months and are easily moved out of position

  • Wireless

    Connects via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to standard or existing network infrastructure

  • Plug-and-play

    The sensors can be connected to your nurse-call infrastructure and will activate alarms in the same way as your existing call buttons.

Reduction in Resident Falls

Reduction in Pressure Ulcer

Intuitive Management System

    The bio-sensor is wirelessly connected to the VITALERTER™ iCMS (Integrated Care Management System).

    The system enables incident prediction algorithms, management interfaces, mobile app, reports and integration with EHR.

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